Our people

They're the best in the business. Friendly, helpful, professional and we don't go in for high pressure sales tactics and pushy gimmicks. If you've shopped around, you probably know what we're talking about!

We’re not a corporation with a home office in some far off big city. Our company is based out of Lubbock, Texas and we treat our customers like friends and neighbors. If you have problems, we’ll work with you to solve them.

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Sizes and Types

Storage is storage, right? Well, yes and no... storage is offered in many sizes and different types and we have the options to give you a choice. Our goal is to help you avoid "too big" or "too small" and find that storage space that's "just right"

Help Me Find The Right Size

We Pledge Honest Prices

We will NOT move you in for $1 (or some other low priced teaser deal) and then tack on all sorts of additional fees. We will NOT wait until you've moved your stuff into storage then start charging a high monthly rate with rent increases every couple of months for the rest of the time you store with us.

Getting you into the unit for a really cheap price and then overcharging you for subsequent months is a common practice. “Move ‘em in cheap and stick it to ‘em!” kind of sums up the philosophy of most operators (but not all) in our industry .

At Storage Zone, we move you into your storage unit at a fair, market price and you will continue to pay a fair, market price for your entire stay. Probably explains why so many of our new rentals are repeat customers.

Show Me Honest Prices

Years of Service to our Community

And finally, we've been here for a long time. Our first storage facility opened in 1991 and we’ve built a solid reputation with our Lubbock customers for many, many years.

If you need storage today, next month or two years from now, we'll be here and we'd love the opportunity to earn your business.

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