"What's a Stor-Devil?"

The devil is in the details!

He's a sneaky fellow who offers you a self-storage unit real cheap ("Move-In for $1" or similar) with a big smile on his face and then, once you're in his office, tacks on a few EXTRA fees. Pretty soon your $1 move-in turns into a lot more than $1. But he's got you in his office and it's hard to leave...

After your 1st month, the Stor-Devil's regular rental rate is higher than almost every other place in town but, you don't want to have to move all that stuff again, right? So you grit your teeth and pay the high rental rate.

The Stor-Devil strikes again!

You think this is bad but there's more...A few months go by and your rental rate goes up again...and again...and again...OUCH! This devil stuff hurts.

Kind of sneaky, don't you think?

DON'T GET GOT! At Storage Zone, we're here for you fightin' the Stor-Devils!

Reserve online, call or stop by any one of our 4 Lubbock Storage Zone locations below for friendly service and fair up-front rental rates.

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